Project Launch

We throw a disparate group of people at a business project. They've never even met one another before, yet we expect them to achieve "mission critical" outcomes within weeks...


Your project staff will work as a productive team. They will be more outcome focussed, share a common mission, understand and utilise one another's strengths, They will achieve a better balance between the people and task elements of the project. You will be planning for success through teamwork, rather than hoping...


Any business project that is likely to involve 8 or more staff and take 3 or more months. The investment of a day or two upfront to achieve a more productive team will easily pay dividends in the long term. The longer you leave it, the more behind schedule you get, the more the morale drops, the more you need this event, the harder it will be to justify the time.

Workshop elements

A customised combination of JHW content to meet the requirements of your particular project. Typically elements of Team Building/Team Dynamics (see Makin' Movies), Change Readiness, plus a refresher on Communication. We would normally expect the client sponsor to run a session on the Business Drivers of the project. Key Topics might include Engagement, Influence & Authority, Motivating Change, Team Dynamics, Common Mission, Communication Skills refresher.


Between half to three days depending on the your needs.

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