A Seat at the Table

Working with Senior Stakeholders and achieving strong Engagement, along the way...


Participants will have revisited their approach to engagement skills and will have picked up greater expertise, techniques and frameworks to deliver consistent success. They will receive candid feedback on areas for continued improvement. They will have discovered ways to be more proactive, responsive and outcome focussed, rather than merely reactive.


Accomplished Managers, Account/Engagement Managers, Senior Project/Program Managers and other professionals for whom engagement with senior stakeholders is "mission critical".  Previous participants of the Engagement Skills Workshop who have progressed their careers and are looking for a refresh 2- 4 years on.

Workshop elements

A highly interactive balance of theory and practical sessions to help participants be more productive with less effort. Theory sessions cover:

  • frameworks to help build stronger engagement
  • read and adjust to stake-holders more effectively
  • conduct more productive workshops & meetings
  • become more proactive (less reactive) and exceed stakeholder expectations consistently

Around 50% of the time is spent on a case study where participants get to put the skills into practice and gain constructive feedback.


The workshop is a 2-day event with a half-day reunion 4 - 6 weeks later. There is a pre-workshop coffee introduction session where participants meet with the facilitators. This is an opportunity to understand participants aspirations, set expectations and answer any questions.


Comments from Previous Participants

"Excellent course in understanding customers/peer/subordinate behaviours and how to deal more constructively with them."

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